Market overview and insights

If you are considering expanding your business to Scandinavia, we can help you map your industry, gain market insights as well as identify business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen.

A solid market overview is the first step to understanding your business opportunities. So, when entering new markets, there are obviously many questions.

Who are your customers, competitors, business partners and service providers? What is your market share potential? How do you access public authorities? Who and where are the startup hubs and communities? And are there any public funding schemes or investor opportunities?

We can help you all the way


Information gathering & analysis


Business establishment


Expansion & business development

Who is who in Greater Copenhagen?

In Copenhagen Capacity, we can help answer all your questions – and more.

Firmly rooted in Greater Copenhagen, we can assist you in mapping local companies, knowledge institutions, public authorities, R&D incubators and startup hubs, and we can hook you up with industry clusters, partner networks and service providers to help you to a smooth business start in Greater Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Capacity has been a tremendous help ever since we began to consider the Scandinavian market and right until we opened our Scandinavian headquarters in Copenhagen. They have opened doors and made introductions that have been very valuable to us – so we will surely recommend other companies to go through Copenhagen Capacity

Mads Emil Kvist Dalsgaard | CMO, Funderbeam

Benchmark your opportunities

To gather the insights you need, our business development consultants can help you benchmark Greater Copenhagen against other major cities and business regions in Scandinavia. We can:

  • Provide insights into the key industries of Greater Copenhagen
  • Map potential customers, competitors and service providers in your industry
  • Compile market surveys to support your business development
  • Identify funding schemes and incentive programmes
  • Connect you to knowledge institutions and relevant public authorities
  • Map local and national projects in areas such as R&D, construction and infrastructure
  • Arrange visits to test and demonstration facilities

Before we opened our office in Copenhagen, we wanted a general view of the sales potential and recruitment opportunities. Copenhagen Capacity was a huge help in creating this overview

Tom Andersson | Country Manager, Netlight Denmark

Discover the market potential of Greater Copenhagen’s key industries

If you decide on doing business in Copenhagen, we can help you with essential knowledge of the key industries in Greater Copenhagen: life sciences, IT/tech, cleantech, smart city & sustainable urban development, construction, and logistics & e-commerce.

We can help you dig out the numbers and key information you need to identify your market potential and business opportunities and to build a strong business case.

Did you know, for example, that the Danish government is currently investing € 5.6 billion in building and renovating 16 hospitals, of which six are brand new super hospitals? Around 20 per cent of this investment is reserved for IT, medtech devices and clinical equipment.

It is easy, manageable and associated with very low risk to establish a business in Denmark. For this reason, we also expect relatively fast to get the first customers in house and create sales in the business

Peter Halkjær-Knudsen | Vice President of Raybow Pharmas CDMO department

Discover business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen

If you are considering expanding your business to Scandinavia and want help to map your industry, gain market insights as well as identify business opportunities in Greater Copenhagen, learn more here.


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